I'm curious what some of you guys think about seeding for the Big 10. I think 174 is still up in the air a bit after Storley, since we have some head to head to go, but I think it goes something like this:

1. Storley
2. Evans/Kokesh winner
3. Evans/Kokesh loser
4. Brown/Heflin winner
5. Brown/Heflin loser
6. Blanton
7. Yates

Blanton could beat Evans, also, and completely throw this into disarray.

Where it gets really interesting is at the top of 133, to me. Presuming that both guys win out until the tournament. Clearly Stieber has beaten Ramos all 3 times they met in college, all last season. Both guys are undefeated and have been dominant. However, Stieber missed a big chunk of the season including the dual with Iowa that would have given us the definitive statement on this seeding. Does Ramos get the 1 seed due to Stieber's missed time? Should he?