Hi all,

I just became involved with a new organization called 'Pinning Down Autism," and the organization is going to be hosting a series of takedown tournaments to raise money for Autism.

So I am designing the logo and the website. The international symbol for Autism is puzzle pieces (because Autism is puzzling and enigmatic). So for the logo, we wanted to incorporate the puzzle pieces with a pinning image.

Being a photographer and not an illustrator, I traced a photo I took at NCAAs of one wrestler using a pinning combo on the other wrestler.

I need your help to see if the wrestlers look generic, or if you can actually identify the wrestlers in the logo (see image below). Since you guys and gals are all college wrestling experts, I thought you would be the best to ask since if you can identify them, I need to ask their permission to use their likenesses in the logo.

Let me know if you can identify them! Thanks for your help. And let me know if you want to get involved with the cause. The first tourney is May 12th at Petrides HS in Staten Island, NY.