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Thread: Northwestern @ Mich****

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    Default Northwestern @ Mich****

    d1 rankings used for VA

    125:#17 Malone v. #16 Boyle

    133: Garrison White v. Rossi Bruno

    141: Pat Greco v.#24 Jackson

    149: Dylon Marriott v. #12 Grajales

    157: #2 Welch v. Colin Zeerip

    165: #12 Harger v. #10 Massa

    174: #9 Munster v. #12 Yates

    184: Marcus Shrewsbury v. Chris Heald

    197: #15 Polizzi v. #25 Huntley

    285: #8 McMullen v. #18 Apland

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    Default Re: Northwestern @ Mich****

    I got
    Malone dec. Boyle 0-3, real toss up
    Bruno dec. White 0-6
    if jackson dec. greco 0-9
    grajales dec. Marriott 0-12, could Major
    Welch Mdec Zeerip 4-12
    Massa dec. Harger 4-15, i'd like to see harger win here, but i don't think it happens
    Munster dec. Yates 7-15, good match up
    Shrewsbury dec. Heald 10-15, NW will need this one
    Polizzi dec. Huntley 13-15
    McMullen dec. Apland, you never know with 285, but i give it to McMullen to win the dual 16-15

    Northwestern needs a couple toss ups to win this one

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    Default Re: Northwestern @ Mich****

    With those line-ups it looks pretty close to a toss-up. If NW had Mele in the line-up I would favor NW. Anyone know when Mele might be getting back? Good to see McMullan back.

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