I don't think the overall matchup is in doubt, but there should be some stellar individual matches. I am operating under the assumption that the Altons will be competing. Here are my predictions (guesses):

125: Megaludis TF Coufal 5-0 PSU A fall wouldn't shock me here.
133: Conaway Dec Nagel 8-0 PSU Conaway needs to win these to improve his chances of a good seed at B1G's and qualifying for NCAA's.
141: Kiley Dec Pearsall 8-3 PSU Should be close, but I just don't see Pearsall winning it.
149: Alton Dec Sueflohn 11-3 PSU Toss-up, but I think Alton will shake off the rust.
157: Green Dec Alton 11-6 PSU Toss-up, but I don't think Alton will shake off the rust. These two had VERY close matches last year.
165: Taylor TF Koehn 15-6 PSU Good luck Mr. Koehn
174: Kokesh Dec Brown 15-9 PSU Probably the match of the night, I expect Brown will keep it close, but I don't see him winning this one.
184: Ruth MDec Ihnen 19-9 PSU Ihnen hasn't been majored since the 09-10 season (according to d1wrestling), but I think Ruth is that good.
197: Wright Dec Kolb 22-9 PSU Kolb has been wrestling pretty tough of late, so he should keep this close. Or he could get pinned by some move that none of us have ever seen before.
285: Ging Dec Johnson 25-9 PSU Gingrich will probably grind out a 3-1, or if they are feeling especially peppy, 5-3 victory.

What's your prediction?