A big dual coming up this weekend in Stillwater. If Rosholt is still not back, that could make the difference. If Rosholt is in the line-up I would see OSU as small, but clear favorites. Without him it's pretty close to a toss-up. Here are my picks. How do you see it?

125 #1 McDonough vs UR Klimara McD TF 5-0 Iowa
133 #2 Ramos vs #5 Morrison Ramos Dec 8-0 (Morrison is looking very good, but Ramos is looking better)
141 #10 Ballweg vs UR Feikert Ballweg Dec 11-0 (although Feikert could surprise here; not picking it)
149 UR Kelly vs #1 Oliver Oliver TF 11-5
157 #1 DSJ vs #9 Dieringer DSJ Dec 14-5
165 #18 Moore vs #3 Caldwell Caldwell Dec 14-8 (would like to pick MD, but Caldwell just isn't that aggressive)
174 #4 Evans vs #1 Perry Perry Dec 14-11 (this should be the bout of the night)
184 #10 Lofthouse vs #15 Chionuma Chio Dec 14-14 (my upset pick; only I'm not sure it's an upset)
197 UR Burak vs UR Schafer Burak Dec 17-14 (not having Rosholt, if that's the case, really hurts OSU)
Hwt #7 Telford vs #3 Gelogaev Gelogaev MD 17-18 OSU (Gelogaev hasn't looked quite as awesome as last year, but I believe he'll get it done here, as Telford hasn't looked as good either)