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    Minn & tOSU go at it tonight. How do you think it will come out? Not sure if a couple of wrestlers will be ready to go, which will affect the outcome. Here is my best shot:

    125 Thorn vs Triggas Dec Minn 3-0 Minn (Not sure if Thorn has recovered from SS)
    133 Dardanes vs L Stieber Dec tOSU 3-3
    141 Dardanes vs H Stieber Dec tOSU 3-6 tOSU
    149 Ness (?) vs Tessari Dec tOSU 3-9 tOSU (even if Ness wrestles prob not at 100%)
    157 ? vs Demas Dec tOSU 3-12 tOSU
    165 Yohn vs Martin Dec Minn 6-12
    174 Storley vs Heflin Dec Minn 9-12 (One of best match-ups of the night)
    184 Steinhaus vs Magrum Dec Minn 12-12
    197 Schiller vs Camp Dec Minn 15-12 (I would have picked Camp before, but he hasn't looked good lately)
    Hwt Nelson vs Capone Dec Minn 18-12

    125, 149, 174, 197 should be the key bouts
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