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Thread: Minnesota vs Ohio St Predictions

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    One thing I noticed in the match was that Triggas was noticeably larger than Thorn which kind of surprised me. I would guess that he is making a large cut himself. I agree with dback that Triggas is a definite AA threat with his really nice defense and that Thorn is right there with him.

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    I think that Thorn will be fine at 125, but any gopher insiders know if the cut is killing him this year? Was 133 really a cut for him last year? Seems that early this season the cut may be affecting his wrestling slightly, but I dont know that for sure. Come B1Gs we will know a lot more about where he is at, and if he is a serious threat.

    Also, Triggas is already an AA, and he has the skills. Before, he was a small 125, but seems to have grown into the weight nicely. Im not saying he will AA, but he is at least a round of 12 type guy.

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    Triggas is definitely a "AA threat" given his pedigree and previous history, that should surprise no one.

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    I recall JRob saying in an interview at the start of last season that Thorn was walking around in the mid 140s in the offseason and had built himself up into a nice sized 133lber which to me suggests that he is pulling quite a bit of weight.
    With that being said Thorn looked fresh and that he had alot more energy going into the last half of the match vs Triggas than Triggas himself had.
    I think Thorn will be more adjusted by the end of the season, with being said......we shall see I guess.

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