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Thread: Robbery!

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    Why throw in the "at least it's not freestyle" comment? This thread shows that both styles can be difficult to score.

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    Call was absolute rubbish... Taylor got majorly screwed
    Gold is an idiot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arm-spin View Post
    In terms of the escape, it looked to me that Dake didn't have both hands locked together while Taylor was sprawling, right at the end. Again, I'm not sure what the rules are exactly on when an escape is awarded.
    I've had a chance to watch the match a few more times and I think this was probably a clearer case where Taylor should have gotten a point than the Dake reversal. At the end - Dake doesn't maintain control, Taylor ends up parallel (in front of) Dake, and Dake didn't have his hands locked on a leg.

    I still think the reversal shouldn't have been called (although debatable) but Taylor really should have gotten a point at the end.

    Can't wait for the next one.

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    The look on Dake's face at the end of the match says it all!! He knew Taylor got screwed out of the win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LoSt View Post
    Call was absolute rubbish... Taylor got majorly screwed
    Plus a major ONE-(site made me type it out )
    You know, I think I would rather be a man than a god . We don't need anyone to believe in us. We just keep going anyhow. It's what we do.

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    One other thing to consider.

    If Dake had simply been awarded the esc, DT would have kept the RT point.

    So even after the escape, if Dake gets the Takedown with like 30 some seconds left AND rides Taylor out, it's overtime.
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    Others have commented on the 2 major disputed calls. I was watching the match as it happened and it sure was a rough way for DT to lose the re-match. Also, missing RT by 1 sec. Dake was so gassed that I'm confident Taylor would have taken it in OT. I know that Dake often looks tired in 3rd periods and still performs well. But this was the most I've seen him. It sure seems to be an interesting time to have headgear problems (twice) late in the match. [BTW, it's been commented on before that it's in Taylor's interest to push the pace early to get Dake tired in 3rd. Dake's defense was so tough that DT didn't seem able to push it in the first as much as I would have like to have seen. Maybe DT can push it more the next time.]

    Well, this certainly sets the stage (as if it needed to be set) for the grand finale in the NCAA finals!

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    Clearly 2 points in bounds before Taylor's attempted roll. Had the roll ended in bounds Dake would have been scoring back points. Dake controlled all the ties on his feet. He had amazing penetration on his first double leg. Firmly believe Dake could take Taylor down at anytime if needed. Taylor was extremely tentative on his feet. The only takedown he even attempted was a few half hearted ankle picks. He clearly is nervous about committing on any takedown. Taylor stall rode the entire 2nd period. In the NCAA finals I'm quite sure a quick stalling call on Taylor will ensure Dake's win. Dake's riding was questionable as he got in a lot of bad positions which is unusual for him. Probably should have been one at the end there as Dake was completely flat, but Taylor did nothing to assure the point. If he had just spun behind or at least attempted to get an angle he would have had the point which leads me to believe that Dake still had his leg. The only way Taylor ever beats Dake is if he gets a cheap takedown in the first period which I feel is possible but unlikely.

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    NCAA finals is the least likely place that refs are going to be liberal with stalling calls. They do not want ot be the one to decide a close match.

    I watched the match once and thought there was no reversal and could not tell on the escape. Usually with great scramblers the refs seems to pause an extra beat before giving points because so often the great scrambler will recover and stop what seemed like an obvious TD or reversal. I think if that reversal was happening in bounds Taylor would have stopped before the refs awarded points.

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