I'm really looking forward to today and tomorrow's Scuffle. But I thought I'd start the ball on the biggest dual of the week--Iowa vs tOSU. We all know that tOSU blasted them last year and Iowa will be out for blood. How do you think it will play out? Here are my predictions assuming everyone is healthy:

125--McD MD Triggas 4-0 Iowa
133--Stieber Dec Ramos 4-3 Iowa
141--Stieber Dec Ballweg 4-6 tOSU
149--Tessari/Paddock Dec Kelly 4-9 tOSU
157--DSJ Dec Demas 7-9 tOSU
165--Moore Dec Martin 10-9 Iowa
174--Evans Dec Heflin 13-9 Iowa
184--Courts Dec Lofthouse 13-12 Iowa
197--Camp Dec Burak 13-15 tOSU
Hwt--Telford Dec Capone 16-15 Iowa

I don't expect a lot of bonus points if everyone is healthy and the match may likely be decided by bonus points. Key weights are 174 & 184. I gave one to each. If someone gets "lucky" and gets a fall, that could be the difference.