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Thread: Iowa vs Ohio St Dual Predictions

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    Default Re: Iowa vs Ohio St Dual Predictions

    My guess would be Hunter, Tessari, and Camp.

    He can correct me if I'm wrong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JensenS View Post
    My guess would be Hunter, Tessari, and Camp.

    He can correct me if I'm wrong.
    You are correct. The most likely to bonus is Camp in my opinion. Not because I think Camp is a world beater or anything, but because Burak is really not very good. Relativity speaking of course.

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    125--McD MD Triggas 4-0 Iowa
    133--Ramos dec Steiber 7-0 Iowa (Ramos has never lost at CHA including to Oliver)
    141--Stieber Dec Ballweg 7-3 tOSU
    149--Tessari dec Kelly I'd like to pick Kelly here 7-6
    157--DSJ MD Demas 11-6 tOSU (st john only has to dec this year both 6-0 over Jedd Moore and Napoli)
    165--Moore Dec Martin 14-6 Iowa
    174--Evans Dec Heflin 17-6 Iowa
    184--Lofthouse dec Courts 20-6 Iowa
    197--Camp MD Burak 20-10 tOSU
    Hwt--Telford Dec Capone 23-10 Iowa
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    Didn't a young Ohio State team kick the tar out of Iowa last year?
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    Quote Originally Posted by goferphan View Post
    Didn't a young Ohio State team kick the tar out of Iowa last year?
    they did. Rest assured Iowa did not go to the Midlands for a reason. They will be ready to go for this dual.
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    Matches that worry me as an Iowa fan:

    141- If Ballweg gets handled does it hurt his confidence? He is already too tentative at times
    149- I don't think Kelly will ever be a world beater but if he has confidence he tends to be relatively competative. I worry about the big ten schedule hurting his ego
    165- I have a gut feeling that Moore might lose this match
    184- See the above concern

    I left 133 out because even if Ramos loses he isn't going to lose confidence in himself and Stieber is damn good. I pretty much feel the same way about 174. I'm a little surprised that everyone seems to be picking Evans

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    Here are my thoughts...

    125 - McD MD Triggas 4-0
    133 - Steiber Dec Ramos 4-3
    141 - Steiber Dec Ballweg 4-6
    149 - Tessari Dec Kelly 4-9
    157 - St John MD Demas 8-9
    165 - Moore Dec Martin 11-9
    174 - Heflin Dec Evans 11-12
    184 - Lofthouse Dec Courts 14-12
    197 - Camp Dec Burak 14-15
    HWT - Telford Dec Capone 17-15

    I actually don't think it will be this close as an Iowa upset will happen somewhere, I just didn't know where to guess it. I will take 20-12 Iowa as the final.
    Looking forward to being there in person, CHA is going to be rocking!

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    Default Re: Iowa vs Ohio St Dual Predictions

    125 - McD Dec Triggas 3-0 Iowa
    133 - Stieber MD Ramos 3-4 tOSU
    141 - Stieber Dec Ballweg 3-7 tOSU
    149 - Paddock Dec Kelly 3-10
    157 - St John Dec Demas 6-10 tOSU
    165 - Moore Dec Martin 9-10 tOSU
    174 - Heflin Dec Evans 9-13 tOSU
    184 - Lofthouse Dec Courts 12-13 tOSU
    197 - Camp Dec Burak 12-16 tOSU
    HWT - Telford Dec Capone 15-16 tOSU

    Notes: Stieber MD over Ramos based on both results from 12/16 when both faced Jamie Franco of Hofstra. Plus Logan has nothing below a MD this season. I think Paddock will wrestle at 149. 25% chance Demas pulls the upset same as last year at 157. 165 could go either way, but I gave the edge to Iowa since the match is at Iowa. 174 could go to Iowa if Heflin does not take the mat. Courts has about a 40% chance of taking 184. Outside chance of Capone knocking off Telford. This will be an exciting match and not the shellacing that "kool-aid drinking" Wiltz is predicting.
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    Lol at your percentages Whippet. Are those facts?

    125 McDonough MD Triggas 4-0 Iowa
    Triggas has lost to Josh Martinez once and Connor Youtsey twice THIS YEAR. Triggas only has a winning pct of 72%. Matt McDounough has been a national finalist 100% of the times he's been in the tournament. Need I say more?

    133 Ramos dec Steibler 7-0 Iowa
    Ramos is undefeated in CHA, which is 100%. That includes a win over Jordan Oliver (after he shed the Stalliver). I would call it a major since Ramos has nothing below a MD this season, but Steibler is a returning national champion like Oliver was last year so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

    141 Steibler maj Ballweg 7-4 Iowa

    Ballweg is wrestling tough this year but this Hunter is very good and will get the bonus.

    149 Tessari dec Kelly 7-7 Iowa (criteria)

    I like Kellys motor but I'm not picking him until he beats someone good.

    157 St. John maj Demas 11-7 Iowa

    St. John is on a whole other level and will get the major. There is a 75% chance that Demas will not pull the upset according to Whippet.

    165 Moore dec Martin 14-7 Iowa

    I'm not a big believer in Nick but I agree with Whippet. The match is at Carver so he will win.

    174 Evans dec Heflin 17-7 Iowa

    174 will go to Iowa even if Heflin takes the mat. First of all Heflin will probably be a bit rusty. Secondly, Evans would not lose to him even if he wasnt. Evans is a man. Have you seen is stache?

    184 Lofthouse dec Courts 20-7 Iowa

    Courts has been less than impressive this year. Uncle Luke has done a great job getting Eazy E to open up this year and it could get U G L Y for Kenny. Whippet your 60% chance of Lofthouse winning is too low.

    197 Campollatano dec Burak 20-10 Iowa

    Andrew is doing great this year and Burak is not. (great fact huh Whippet?)

    HWT Telford dec Capone 23-10 Iowa
    Telford is good. Capone is not. (thats two facts)

    Iowa's loss at fOSU was a fluke last year. This year will be the "shellacing" that Wiltz predicts.

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