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Thread: good bye guys

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    You're being very un-dude here.
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    I am of the party that you contribute way too much to this site to let issues with Gage force you to leave
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    Think this is a bit of an overreaction on your part Russ...
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    Russ.... C'mon Russ. I see your point, and understand the reaction, but don't leave.

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    Me thinks you should stay sir. Have always appreciated your conversation and posts. I don't want to get involved in the argument but it might be nice for everyone to just breath and take a day or two before being rash.

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    GAGE made me delete my FB account as he sent trade offers every day-i actually kinda liked the kid's enthusiasm -so much so i (after last years surgery )let him take over my team on TOM . I nearly got run off the forum until I took the team back. not so pissed at GAGE as Shane-he posted if FUNK did not post a line up his team would be locked down . Then a week later he gives it to GAGE ?
    For the last 4 years as soon as I got out of bed I checked this site . I am hurting over the decision yet sticking with it .
    You know, I think I would rather be a man than a god . We don't need anyone to believe in us. We just keep going anyhow. It's what we do.

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    Russ--I'll chime in too. I don't understand all the issues of the Fantasy League since I'm not part of it. But this site is more than just the Fantasy League. I've really enjoyed all that you contribute to the site. I'll just say what some others have said. Let a few days go by and look at the bigger picture.

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    I least check in occasionally. I will miss your PMs; especially the ones that have nothing to do with Fantasy League. You and MOJO have been good buds over the years and I've always enjoyed your insights.
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    Russ the way I see it we all need to grow up here. If you don't like the way JensenS is conducting the Fantasy league then don't join his league. This site is more than fantasy so don't really understand your point by leaving the site all together. I think you could still contribute to the site without being in a fantasy league you don't agree with. After all it is a fantasy league not life or death.

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