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    Quote Originally Posted by jammen View Post
    Has any Penn State wrestler faced a ranked opponent this season besides when Mega lost to Zanetta? Is Mega the only one?
    Not sure if Robert Hamlin is ranked, but Ill check and get back to you.
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    Yes, Hamlin would be the highest ranked one. And yes, not as many as they'll face at the Scuffle. Some of the guys are Hamlin, Fleming, Chalfant, Pennesi, Walsh, Sheptock, Rinaldi, Boley. Zanetta actually isn't ranked because he's a RS. But then, I don't think it was really a question. Vais's post was more to the point!

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    Yeah Tom it was more of a rhetorical. But I was just reflecting on the tendency to over rank undefeated guys who have yet to face a top 25 opponent. Earl has Ballweg at 7th (46-16 lifetime never AA'd), Telford is 4th (ahead of Gelogaev), Andrew Alton is 4th (37-10 never AA'd), Quentin Wright is 3rd despite moving up a weight and not facing any ranked wrestlers so far. If facing tough competition and having one loss is such a detriment when it comes to rankings I wonder how far these guys will fall when they suffer their first loss.
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    You make a good point jammen. But I don't think that current records are the big factor in rankings. For the most part early season rankings tend to feed off of the previous season's performance (A Alton, Brown would be somewhat exceptions) and rightly or wrongly you hold that position until someone knocks you off. PSU has some high rankings based on past seasons' performances and for the most part haven't been tested yet. But the Scuffle will take care of that. A lot of rankings may change after the Scuffle (Midlands too).

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