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Thread: UNI Open

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    On trackwrestling, we got a good mix of starters and redshirts.

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    Guess I should have checked Colon thread first, discussion already in there. Oh well, this thread stays because I'm stubborn. 125 should be fun

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    In addition to Trackwrestling, PurdueWrestling and schwebwrestling on twitter giving updates for their team.

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    Delgado vs Gilman next round, curious to see how that will turn out. Little Tshirt looking good...

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    Brad Nardick of Wisconsin beat a very tough Zac Brunson of Illinois 11-1, anyone know much about him?

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    It's like beating a broken drum with me and of course I am bias but damn am I liking what I see out of Gilman and Clark. I fully expect an AA out of whomever replaces McDonough next year!! Both will have their hands full in the semis

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    Cam Eppert is a great hard working kid yet somehow finds a way to lose matches ?
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    Delgado beat Gilman by decision 5-2. Then Clark beat Delgado in the finals by decision 6-1..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zapp Brannigan View Post
    Delgado beat Gilman by decision 5-2. Then Clark beat Delgado in the finals by decision 6-1..
    Mike Evans is not impressed.
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