I'll be there rooting for OU, but it won't be that interesting. OU just doesn't match up well against OSU this year. For OU to win (or even come close), they need a result something like this...

125 Kyle Garcia Dec
Tyler Dorrell (3-0 OU)
133 Cody Brewer Dec Jon Morrison (6-0 OU)
141 Kendric Maple TF Julian Feikert (11-0 OU)
149 Jordan Oliver MD Nick Lester (11-4 OU)
157 Matt Lester Dec Alex Dieringer (14-4 OU)
165 Tyler Caldwell Dec Patrick Graham (14-7 OU)
174 Chris Perry MD Matt Reed (14-10 OU)
184 Greg Wilson Dec
Chris Chionuma (17-10 OU)
197 Blake Rosholt Dec Brad Johnson (17- 13 OU)
285 Alan Gelogaev Dec Keldrick Hall (17-16 OU)

I don't see Wilson beating Chionuma and I definitely don't see Z getting a Dec over Hall. Hall was bad at 197 and now looks just as bad (if not worse) at Hwt. Reminds me of the Minn-OSU dual in that if OU doesn't lead 11-0 after 141, they have no chance. If they split 5-5, OU won't win on bonus points.