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    Default Okie-31 Bing -9

    Final Score
    No. 10 Oklahoma: 31
    Binghamton: 9
    125: Kyle Garcia (OU) dec. Patrick Hunter (BU), 12-9
    133: Brewer (OU) major dec. Steeley (BU), 13-4
    141: Maple (OU) tech fall Riggi (BU), 3:32, 22-5
    149: Vinson (BU) dec. Lester (OU), 10-2
    157: Matt Lester win by forfeit, 6-0
    165: Graham (OU) major dec. Grella (BU), 19-6
    174: Reed (OU) pin Paris (BU), 1:48
    184: Reed (BU) 3OT dec. Wilson (OU), 5-7
    197: Scheidel (BU) dec. McBryde (OU), 13-6
    285: Hall (OU) dec. Deuel (BU), 5-3
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    Default Re: Okie-31 Bing -9

    Watched this on FCS last night. At the start they talked about Howe and Rutt, then commented about OU's redshirts this year, then said they would be loaded next year, I didn't catch exactly what was said though. Did Howe and Rutt redshirt this year, after taking olympic redshirts last year?

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    Default Re: Okie-31 Bing -9

    It was the transfer that cost them the year, not the redshirts I don't think.
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    Default Re: Okie-31 Bing -9

    As a Sooner fan there's a lot to look forward to next year..
    125 Patterson (Top 5)
    133 Brewer (Top 8)
    141 Maple (Top 1)
    149 Lester (Top 6)
    157 Lester (Top 8)
    165 Glass (Top 20?)
    174 Howe (Top 2)
    184 Rutt (Top 5)
    197 Johnson (Top 20)
    285 Larson/Chaid (Top 30)

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    Default Re: Okie-31 Bing -9

    I would love to see Perry vs Howe next year

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    Default Re: Okie-31 Bing -9

    Maybe I'm just not up to speed on Perry, but I don't see Perry beating a healthy Howe. I could see the score being reasonably close, but I don't see him beating Howe.

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    Default Re: Okie-31 Bing -9

    They are taking redshirts to my knowledge
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    Default Re: Okie-31 Bing -9

    Unless people change weights, I would replace the top 2 next to Howe with a 1

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    Default Re: Okie-31 Bing -9

    Quote Originally Posted by FalconWrestlingKY View Post
    They are taking redshirts to my knowledge
    They're redshirting. The transfers had nothing to do with it.

    Howe (I'm assuming) may still be influenced from the injury he picked up wrestling Burroughs in the Olympic Trials final. No sense in rushing back when he still has a year to burn anyway.
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