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Thread: Iowa 32 ISU 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by JensenS View Post
    Don't let a certain someone hear you say that too loud.
    In the strange event that that "certain someone" resembles me, I couldn't care one way or another at this pernt.

    I've got way more going on in my life right now than arguing tedium on a wrestling forum.
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    I think you'd be an idiot to run off those assistants though.

    Not many can compare with Nickerson, Reader, Paulson(s) from a wrestling perspective. Those are some awesome dudes to have in the room. Not sure if they're great coaches yet, but at the very least they are extremely skilled wrestlers. Problem is it'll be hard to hire a new HC that won't want to bring in "his" guys.

    ISU will have some tough choices moving forward.

    Firing KJ doesn't seem like it would be one of them though.
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    Not so sure I agree with you VA. I would keep Reader around. From what I've seen of him he appears to be into the coaching side of things and is committed to being a coach. Not sure I can say the same about Paulson. He seems to want to be friends with the wrestlers more so than their coach. I also witnessed him on his cell phone throughout the entire time at wrestle offs while Jon and Nickerson coached from the corners. He didnt even seem to be paying attention.

    Plus I think it would be good for the Paulsons to split up. Does anyone think of one without the other? I don't and I think it's becuase they've been together since I can remember them in high school. Are they going to follow each other around their whole lives? I think it would be a good move for them to go to different places and start to get experiences as coaches, if that's what they want to do for careers, apart from one another. I think they are probably good workout partners but they are around the same weight at Reader and, personally I would keep him over both of them.

    I don't have an opinion on Nickerson yet.

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    The Paulson brothers need to either quit coaching or get serious about it. During the IA vs ISU dual I seen 1 of them laughing with his hands in his pockets. Not to mention during a match that Moreno was wrestling. How in the world can they take coaching seriously if they don't even try and coach guys they workout with? What I seen on on Sat night from them was absurd in my opinion. If I ever see an IA coach with his hands in the pockets joking around while one of our wrestlers is in a battle I would want them fired. No explaination for this at all. I also agree with Herky that they need to leave ISU and get some experience apart from each other if they truely want to coach at this level. Maybe they were talking about how to make another video but this time of ISU wrestlers being mauled by IA guys.

    Time will tell with Nickerson on the coaching front. He may end up being a good coach down the road.

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    Let KJ play out the year to whatever finish ISU can manage. He is still the coach and has the contract.
    He has had some time now to improve things. We'll see if he can motivate his wrestlers over the next few months. I bet they will do better tho it would take a miracle for them to make a showing at the NCAA tournament if this result is any indicator.

    His assistants don't seem to be lighting a fire under any of the wrestlers either so if things don't improve a lot a wholesale cleaning may be in order.

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    Dammit Ban - what is the fun of lurking on these sites if I can't depend on a few really wild hairs popping up?

    R.I.P. Cyrano and Roxanne.

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    Off topic but Paulson related- how big is Travis, really? Seems pretty incredible that he's having sucess at 84 kg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by M Richardson View Post
    Dammit Ban - what is the fun of lurking on these sites if I can't depend on a few really wild hairs popping up?
    Sorry, but it ain't gonna happen; the bistids beat me and I have too much going on from all angles of my life right now to devote undue energy to online spats.

    I guess that I've come to advise those who like to read my posts to defend me when the other 99.5% jumps all over me for stating an opinion that differs. That's why I've always defended "controversial" posters. They offer a different, equally valid perspective (usually), which is oft needed.
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