The first big dual of the season is this Sunday. Who do you think will win? Here are my predictions:

125--Thorn Dec Minn 3-0
133--Dardanes Dec Minn 6-0
141--Dardanes Dec Minn 9-0
149--Oliver Fall Minn 9-6 (assuming Ness doesn't wrestle)
157--Dieringer MD OSU 10-9
165--Caldwell Dec OSU 13-9
174--Perry Dec OSU 16-9
184--Steinhaus Dec OSU 16-12
197--Rosholt Dec OSU 19-12
Hwt--Gelogaev Dec OSU 22-12

Minn needs to break through somehow at 2 out of 4 among 133, 174, 197, Hwt. They might win one of those, but I doubt 2 of them, IMHO!