1. Matt McDonough
  2. Jesse Delgado
  3. Nico Megaludis
  4. Alan Waters
  5. David Thorn
  6. Jarrod Garnett
  7. Matt Snyder
  8. Nashonn Garrett
    I'm of the opinion McDonough caps his career off with his first undefeated season. Hoping he is able to go out on a great note. Delgado is easily the most terrifying match up for him. His speed and ability to finish/scramble present a number of problems for Matt. After watching the All Star I felt Jesse was the better guy. Nothing has really changed my mind about that but I wonder if Nico is going to become one of those guys who just knows how to win.

    I really think Waters has a tough tough year with Sammie Henson in his corner. He could easily make the finals and not surprise me. I'd be very surprised if he's denied a spot on the podium this year. Thorn is a tough dude, and I think he will do well. Is he a bit over-rated here? Possibly. Up until last year NCAA's a win over Steve Bonanno wouldn't such a big deal, but he was a returning AA, so everyone puts way more stock in a guy. Bonanno is basically the same guy he has always been, so a win over him wasn't but so impressive to me. I like Thorn, and he's probably half crazy which can only help in this crazy sport. He could be another guy who could crash the top 3 but at this point I'm a bit reserved.

    Jarrod Garnett: It is time. Just do it. Get on the freaking podium. I think he will. I think Dresser will find a way to make sure everyone is nice and fresh for this years NCAA's. The talent has never been a question(in my mind). I like Snyder to get on the podium. Anyone with that kind of turning ability has a shot. He's been close before and I think he does it finally. I think Rob Koll has gone two years without a freshman AA(he had a crazy long streak for Freshman AA). I think Garrett ends that streak for him and winds up 8th.