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Thread: Falcon's Baseless and Flying by the Seat of his Pants early predictions for the NCAA Tournament

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    Default Falcon's Baseless and Flying by the Seat of his Pants early predictions for the NCAA Tournament

    Just went on a massive rant on because some homer said his team (who isn't returning a single state qualifier) was a threat to win the region. So I am currently in the mood to have my thoughts heard. Also I am dancing around trying to find current results so if I have made a grevious error feel free to point it out

    1. Matt McD
    2. Nico Megaludis
    3. David Thorn
    4. Alan Waters
    5. Jesse Delgado
    6. Steve Bonanno
    7. Mark Rappo
    8. Nick Soto
    R12. Jarod Garnett, Nikko Triggas, Matt Snyder, Trent Sprenkle

    McD is of course one of the top guys p4p and only deserves to be ranked second in crazy predictions. Nico had the NCAA tournament of a lifetime, made me eat my words for making fun of a friend of his for picking him to make the finals, but so far he has yet to show signs of a sophomore slump (not really given the oppurtunity though). David Thorn is the hot pick right now as it looks like he made weight A-ok, remains to be seen if he peaked early though. Alan Waters is right up there in the title hunt. Jesse Delgado was my breakout pick last year (that I kept to myself) but had a semi-disappointing national tournament. Bonanno got embarassed by Thorn and just lost another random match to Nahshon Garrett, you know what forget he is even here. Rappo is coming off of a lose to Northwestern's freshman Dominick Malone, but I will keep him AAing for now since he has had plenty of good wins (2 years ago). Nick Soto is AAing for the simple fact he wrestles for UTC and I had to be a homer on someone since Ok State isn't making the round of 12 here.

    1.Logan Stieber
    2. Tony Ramos
    3. Scotti Sentes
    4. Chris Dardanes
    5. A.J. Schopp
    6. Joe Colon
    7. Shelton Mack
    8. Nathan McCormick
    r12. Cashe Quiroga, Levi Mele, Jon Morrison, Brian Owen

    133 is basically Stieber followed by a bunch of other guys. I know Ramos has a win against JO and JO has two (THAT WAS A TAKEDOWN) wins against Stieber but I still have Stieber winning. Sentes has a win against Rossi Bruno, who beat Mark Hall, who is gonna be a two Olympic Gold Medalist, so he gets the nod here. Schopp beat Dardanes in the All Star classic but I still feel Dardanes will finish higher. Joe Colon (I am too lazy to move him) has been on fire recently but he needs a better premier win then a fall against Ernesto Escobar of Grandview. Writing these write ups are hard, Shelton Mack is finishing 7th deal with it. I wanted to be a homer and put Jon Morrison in at 8th but come on since beating Zach Sanders this guy went the Jamal Parks route of causing me to rip my hair out, and I am bald, nod goes to McCormick.

    1. Kendric Maple
    2. Tyler Graff
    3. Hunter Stieber/Ian Paddock
    4. Michael Mangrum
    5. B.J. Furtrell
    6. Luke Vaith
    7. Mitchell Port
    8. Mark Ballweg
    R12. Nick Dardanes, Zach Niebert, Steven Keith, Case Garrison

    At number one I have Kendric Maple not only because he is on my fantasy team but also because he just freaking murders kids. Tyler Graff is coming off of his redshirt and has looked solid. Yes I am putting both finishing 3rd here because you know what, both are just that good. Mangrum has a loss to someone and when I remember who it is I will blast him for it. B.J. always struck me as slightly overrated, he hasn't really had close matches with the Elite guys but is still a solid AA level kid. Vaith and Port are people I don't know enough about to justify anything. I threw in Ballweg because Iowa always has to have some kid who wrestles incredible at NCAA's. Oh and yes I am predicting Case Garrison has his redshirt pulled

    1. Jordan Oliver
    2. Jason Chamberlin
    3. Donnie Vinson
    4. Dylan Ness
    5. Cam Tessari
    6. Scott Sakaguchi
    7. Andrew Alton
    8. Eric Grajales
    R12. Justin Accordino, Nick Lester, Cole Von Ohlen, Derek Valenti

    149 is one of those weights I can see around 8 different finals match ups depending on how it all goes down. JO has yet to really wrestle but that guy is a baller as is Chamberlin, they have ice in their veins (STILL A TAKEDOWN). Vinson is someone who can bottom out at 6th or end up winning it. Ness shocked me by making it to the finals and it is easy to justify him being placed higher. Cam was impressive AAing last year and he had wins over Sakaguchi and Von Ohlen en route to his 4th place finish. Sakaguchi has the win over Jamal "Choke Artist" Parks last year en route to finishing 7th but I don't see him beating anyone ranked above him here. I am going to skip talking about Andrew Alton and instead point out flo has Grajales ranked 8th as well and guys I pass up for a trade always seem to do hot in the end anyway. None of this matters because Caleb Ervin is going to win it anyway.


    1. Dylan Alton
    2. Derek "he wasn't doing anything anyway" St. John
    3. Jason Welch
    4. James Green
    5. Alex Dieringer
    6. James Fleming
    7. Jesse Dong
    8. R.J. Pena
    R12. Scott Winston, Matt Lester, Joey Napoli, Josh Demas

    Ok people are making fun of me for picking Dylan Alton but I chose to ignore early season losses in cases that justified my baseless picks, I think Alton wins it. St. John is a hell of a wrestler but he is boring, he belongs at Oklahoma State with that style. Welch is definately good enough to win it. I almost went really out there and picked James Green to win it, I really like the kid and think he is gonna wreck people all year. Hopefully Alex keeps up the good work I have seen from him so far it was bad enough having to wait until 149 to even pick a Cowboy AA. Fleming and Dong are both solid low level AA picks in my mind anywhere from 5th-R12. I picked Pena over guys like Lester and Napoli because he goes to Oregon State and I am sick of the East Coast Bias GO 49ERS, We are going to win the Super Bowl.

    1. Kyle Dake
    2. David Taylor
    3. Tyler Caldwell
    4. Peter Yates
    5. Mike Evans
    6. Taylor Massa
    7. Conrald Polz
    8. Cody Yohn
    R12. Bubby Graham, Nick Sulzer, Steven Monk, Joe Booth

    At 165 we have the big 2 of Dake and Taylor featuring a guest appearance from Tyler Caldwell. Dake is the Tim Tebow of wrestling in the sense he is a baller, playmaker, shot caller, and all he does is win. Taylor has more offense in his left foot then I do in my whole body. I can no longer hate on Tyler Caldwell but at least he has arrived at the University where his boring wrestling not to lose style will be appreciated. Peter Yates is not a guy to be ignored but no he isn't finishing in the top 3. Evans is an animal and if I put him any lower he might hurt me. Massa has looked very good wrestling way more experianced guys and all the Michigan guys on my team hate him so he has to be for real. Polz is boring I have nothing to say. Cody Yohn.... well he is bound to AA eventually right?


    1. Chris Perry
    2. Nick Heflin
    3. Logan Storley
    4. Josh Asper
    5. Jordan Blanton
    6. Matt Brown
    7. Robert Kokesh
    8. Jon Fausey
    R12. Grant Gramball, Greg Zanetti, Lee Munster, Ryan LeBlanc

    As I mentioned to Russ, I have gotten into many (gentlemen's) bets with my teammates over the field at 174, I pick Chris Perry they pick Nick Heflin (I am surrounded by Ohio State homers all day). Storley is one of my favorite wrestlers to follow and he could possibly win it. Asper/Blanton/Brown all kind of blend together in my head but Kokesh is cool hopefully he can handle jumping up a weight. Fausey is one of those guys who will either AA or go 1-2 at nationals, and he beat Gambrall who is not AAing because I said so. I came back and put Ryan LeBlanc in here because I was feeling sad, sorry Dan Yates

    1. Ed Ruth
    2. Robert Hamlin
    3. Ben Bennett
    4. Steve Bosak
    5. Kevin Steinhaus
    6. Ryan Loder
    7. Ethan Lofthouse
    8. Tony Dallago
    R12. John Ihnen, Jake Swartz, Dan Rinaldi, Jimmy Sheptock

    Anyone picking against Ruth is in obvious denial and might be racist because come on, that kid is amazing. Second is basically a three-way tie between Hamlin, Bennett, and Bosak three veterans of the mess that was 184 last year. Steinhaus has a German last name and I enjoy saying it. I think if Loder hadn't run into Austin "Appalachian State has a wrestling team?" Trotman last year he would've AAed. Lofthouse is one of those guys who just screams Iowa style to me and he never hit me to be as overrated as I consider other Iowa guys (I will leave who I am reffering to as a talking point) so hey I think he can handle it. Watch Takedown and Falls then tell me you don't want to see Tony Dallago AA.... Did I just pick neither Peppleman to AA?

    1. Dustin Kilgore
    2. Alfonso Hernandez
    3. Matt Wilps
    4. Quentin Wright
    5. Blake Rosholt
    6. Brent Haynes
    7. Micah Burak
    8. Mario Gonzalez
    R12. Nate Schiedel, Taylor Meeks, Christian Boley, Schiller

    Kilgore is a frightening man, he scared my boss on the radio when he looked him up after I mentioned Kent State had a kid ranked number one. I love Wyoming's program, Mark Branch is an amazing coach, thus I pick Hernandez to finish second. I picked Wilps over Quentin Wright because I don't like Penn State, moving on. Blake is a kid who has improved leaps and bounds since starting college, I guess playing second fiddle to Chris Perry all the time can get you motivated. I was going to comment about Haynes and Rosholt but I forgot the Big 12 is basically the Big 3 featuring featuring West Virginia now because of Missouri, screw you Missouri. I make it a point to always pick someone named Micah to AA at 197, never fails. Mario Gonzalez won the Big 10+4 last year and yet didn't AA, gotta love wrestling.

    1. Alan Gelogaev
    2. Jarod Trice
    3. Dom Bradley
    4. Tony Nelson
    5. Chad Hanke
    6. Mike McMullan
    7. Bobby Telford
    8. Adam Chalfant
    R12. Johnny Johnson, Levi Cooper, Bob/Matt/Kirk Gibson, Odie Delaney

    I can see anybody from Hanke up winning it since Z is just going to get hurt right before NCAA's again, even then Hanke had a win over Z last year who otherwise ran over everyone. McMullan and Telford are the best of the rest and are pretty safe AA picks. After that there is a plethoera of guys who could win it but I am picking Chalfant so Russ and I have someone to toast when we drink the sorry state of Indiana Wrestling out of our minds.

    Other random picks with little to no thought behind them

    Hodge Trophy Winner- Kyle Dake (anyone else is just the commitee trying to be clever and/or controviersial)

    Most likely to choke at NCAA's
    - David Thorn

    Most likely to break my heart- The entire Indiana Wrestling Team

    Most likely to make me throw something at the TV- Jordan Oliver

    Most likely to get a BS non-call this year
    - Logan Stieber (karma)

    State I will most likely complain about this upcoming week
    - 3-Way Tie between Iowa, Ohio, and Virginia

    NCAA Champions- Minnesota Golden Gophers

    Most likely pick I will regret by the end of the year- Caleb Ervin
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