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    I count 16 ranked guys yet I've been wrong before -trackwrestling has it liste as the Joe Parisi ? open and brackets are up.
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    Alan Waters #4
    Jarrod Patterson RS
    Thomas Gilman

    Nathan McCormick #9
    Jon Morrison #11
    Topher Carton
    Ladd Rupp
    Zane Richards

    Nick Hucke #15
    Josh Dziewa

    Jordan Oliver #4
    Drake Houdashelt #17
    Josh Kindig #13 @141
    Mike Kelly

    Kyle Bradley #17
    Alex Dieringer

    Tyler Caldwell #3
    Zach Toal #18
    Jackson Morse
    Walt Gilmore

    Chris Perry #1
    Todd Porter #17
    Kyle Crutchmer

    Mike Larson #9
    Travis Rutt RS
    Sam Brooks
    Zach White
    Chris Chionuma
    Alex Meyer
    Jordan Rogers

    Brent Haynes #5
    Blake Rosholt #6
    Nathan Burak

    Dom Bradley #4
    Austin Marsden

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    Might see burak Rosholt if Nate does alright early.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vaisforlovers View Post
    Might see burak Rosholt if Nate does alright early.
    They're on opposite sides of the bracket. Burak has Haynes in the second round. We also get to see a match of two very promising recruits with Brooks vs Rodgers in the second round

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    So many good matches. I'm excited to see OSU's entire roster here. A lot of interesting second round matches.. Patterson/Dorrell, Larson/Rutt... Oh and Toal getting pinned in the pigtails? Is that right?

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    Nevermind.. they corrected it. Toal picking up the fall.

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    Apparently Futrell and Polz are too cool to show up to this tournament....#$#$%!
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    This one definitely will count.

    Seems odd seeing Oklahoma State with all their guys at a regular season tournament after the last several years where they've either only done Reno, or not done anything.
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    This wont have an effect on this particular tournament but I motion going forwards that any returning AA or Round of 12 guy counts as a ranked guy for the purposes of scoring a tournament. Guys like Patterson, Rutt, ect definitely are top quality competitors

    We might even say "guys who would be ranked if they werent redshirting" but that might be a little harder to define and a lot more subjective
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