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Thread: Thorn pins Bonanno

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    Quote Originally Posted by LoSt View Post
    Storley with a nice cheap excessive crossfacing at the end of the match that his opponent didn't approve of
    That's my boy...
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    125 Thorn wbf
    133 Dardanes 9-5
    141 Dardanes lbd 6-4
    149 Giaimo lbd (this kid's highschool highlights were a couple of 20 win seasons and a 5th place freestyle finish in Appleton, WI). Good story though as it sounds like he's taken his beatings in the wrestling room and is now a redshirt junior. Anyway, good story. Work hard and get a "shot".
    157 Lange wbd 3ot's 5-4
    165 Yohn wbtf
    174 Storley 12-1
    184 Steinhaus 10-0
    197 Schiller 11-4?
    Hwt Nelson wbd 6-3

    Final Gophers 32-Hofstra 6.

    Something like that. I'm not trying to be critical but the guy on the Gophersports blog reminded me a HELL of alot of that student announce from Nebraska last year. That was rough. Apparently he's "filling in".

    Ness did not wrestle.
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    Bigger Dardanes lost gopherfan...

    Should have listened to TOM's audio, V did a great job. Funny dude...

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    4-1 Thorn with NF points coming.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zapp Brannigan View Post
    What was the score at the time of the fall? Description has Bonnano in deep on a shot and Thorn countering him to his back for a fall at the buzzer, so not sure what to make of it overall. I think we all know Thorn is talented, the test will be how he looks later in matches after a decent sized cut.
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    125 Thorn IS a monster 125lber. He is the most exciting Gopher!
    133 CD good start, kept after Franco.
    141 ND ran out of gas. Let the local boy win. Was fun to see the sea of blue at the match from Hastings in support of Luke Vaith
    149 Giamo wrested hard. Fun kid to watch.
    157 Seth Lange looked small and wrestled small.....needs more power and strength to finish on his shots - Good heart to pull out the win at the end!
    165 That is the guy we are looking for at 165!!!! Dominant in every position. If Cody can keep up this intensity he will have a great year.
    174 Storley was just way better than the HOfsta guy.
    184 Steinhaus wrestled well. The Hofsta guy was the Silver medalist at the 2010 world university games and was very good from nuetral....but Steiny was Better! The Hoftra's defense was basically to lay on his belly and accept stall call after stall call, lol Reminded me of Z a few years ago.
    197 Schiller's double is awesome and he has the best penetration shot on the team.
    Hwt Tony Nelson was a disappointment. He made his opponent look good. Tony should be overpowering guys, but instead is trying to out finesse them? If he wrestles like this all year, he'll lose half a dozen matches.

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    Thorn is going to be a tough cookie at 125. No reason he can't be right up near the top. Excited to see him wrestle the big ten guys. Depending on if Waters actually shows up for once, the big ten might go 1-4 at this weight at NCAAs.

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    Thorn looks big AND shredded at 125. Yes, it was 2-1, Bonnana tried to body lock and Thorn reversed it and took him to his back. Two things you never do, never start a land invasion in Europe and NEVER EVER go upper body with a guy whose last name is Thorn.
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    Glad that got posted, since I was actually watching the match live but missed the big move
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