125-The match went how I figured it would. Delgado got to legs and would finish and Nico would struggle to finish. A horrible two call influenced by the crowd doesn't change that.

Delgado stopped attacking legs and it cost him. Controversially sure, but he needs to keep the pedal to the medal.

133-Don't think Dardanes loses to Schopp again. Just lots of tactical errors. Should have just gotten his escape instead of diving on the sweep. He had already been in that position against Schopp and struggled to finish. Get your escape and live to fight another day. Didn't have any beef with the officiating.

141-Futrell impressed me as he got to Maples legs better than I thought he would. Really fun match. Good job by BJ to keep it close.

149-Chamberlain looked great. Sure he didn't get out, but he didn't have to. Dominated on his feet.

157-Alton is just better. Welch has no offense apart from a very mediocre High Crotch he struggles to get off. Alton can finish on him and is noticeably physically stronger.

165-Really thought Taylor wrestled Dakes match. Didn't have good motion, wasn't taking chances, and when DT gets tactical instead of wrestling to score he will not win. I didn't believe that Dake was in Taylors head, but am beginning to believe it's possible. He gave him way way way too much respect and it cost him. Taylor rode better in regulation, Dake rode when it mattered most. Razor thin margin between these two.

174-Nice match by Asper, he impressed me at 174.

184-Hamlin just better than Steinhaus. He's the number 2 at this weight imo.

197-I more/less thought Q would come out and wrestle crazy. Wild match. Don't feel like Q will lose to Wilps when it matters, but Wilps was more than ready to take all the points Q offered. Why Q rides legs will always confuse me.

285-Nice win by Dom. He looked tired, but continued to wrestle hard.