Not sure how intersted non-Buckeye fans are, but some of you fantasy leaguers might be interested.

125- Final wrestle off will be Triggas vs Dijulius. Triggas pinned Roberts, Dijulius won 2-0.

133- duh
141- Final will be Stieber vs Paddock (very interesting)
149- Final is Cam vs Alex Gordon
157- Semi-final is Demas vs Rigel. Winner faces Garcia on Nov 9
165- Mark Martin vs TBD. I'm guessing it will be either Demas or Garcia (whoever loses 157).
174- Heflin vs Ohara
184- Courts vs Craig Thomas
197- Camp vs Ray Gordon. Winner faces Magrum!! I am confused as to why he got the bye. What does he do if Camp wins? Interesting weight class.
275- Capone vs Elor