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Thread: JO to 49?

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    Tessari sticks out as the type of wrestler that Oliver will pick apart with his technique (sadly Dylan Ness fits this description as well) he's too wide open.

    Chamberlain (who has beaten Oliver at 66 kilos in freestyle) and Alton who despite his undeserved reputation as a boom/bust guy is solid technically are the guys in my mind who could possibly threaten a 149 Oliver given that they can slow him down (see Oliver's only two losses in the last two years).

    If you get into a shootout with Oliver you aren't going to beat him, and shootouts are what Tessari does unless he's revamped his style.
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    Oliver was working to get as big as possible all summer. He wasn't just relaxing and now doesn't want to cut. Between him and John, I think they think this is what is best for the team, which is why he was at 133 last year.

    Granted, Jensen is right that Ness isn't a great marker for JO at 149, they will dual Dec. 2. Provided JO certified for 141, he could still move down if this looks like a mistake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TLV View Post
    JO is great, but he lost to a freshman last year. I don't see him jumping 2 weights classes, which for little guys is huge. You may remember Jayson Ness's first year at 133.......he lost quite a few matches and placed 4th or 5th in the B10 before storming to 3rd in teh NCAA and beating some guys who had previously beaten him. I can see him getting manhandled by Ness and a few other guys. I mean, how would he havce done agaisnt Frank the Tank, eh?
    If Frank were still around I'd be more inclined to agree, but I don't see anyone at 149 who presents this incredible physical challenge to Oliver. As far as the Ness comparison goes, I think its apples to oranges. First, Ness was never anywhere near as big at 125 as Oliver is at 133. Secondly, Oliver is just a better wrestler imo then Ness ever was (as much as I LOVE Ness).

    There have been numerous cases of guys moving up multiple weight classes with great success. I believe there are several Michigan guys that come to mind such as Tannenbaum and Churella
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    Some horse like Accordino or corby could slow JO down a lot , IMO.i'd pay to see Grajales /Oliver
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    Accordino and Corby aren't good enough technicians to cause Oliver problems. He'd stay out in space and pick them apart.
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    I haven't followed Oliver's college career all that closely, but i do know know that when he wrestled Metcalf up at 66 at the OTT's he gave up two points (might have been a clinch in here too). I wouldn't be too worried about big, physical guys.

    BTW, someone mentioned losing to Logan Stieber... I think mr. Stieber has the potential to be a world champion. He's not the most consistent guy in the world, but at his best he's just so good. (Same thing could be said about Oliver too, but it seems like Oliver strugges with close matches a bit- and he'll get plenty of those at the next level.)

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    I'd agree with arm-spin regarding Oliver-Stieber, i think Stieber has the ability to be a world-class wrestler, but having said that I think that Oliver got a really bad call in the nat championship match. I think Oliver wins maybe 75% of his future matches with Stieber, but I guess that doesn't even enter into the equation about JO moving up. I think JO outclasses everyone up to 149 easily, I'd think he doesn't lose to anyone this year. He's not going to be undersized at 149, he'll be bulked up.

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    The weird thing is that there is was so much speculation about where he was going to go. So did JO spend all off season bulking up to 149 or decide recently to not try to cut to 141? If this was set in stone all offseason, you would think something would have been said right away.

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    Wait, what!??!?! Is this confirmed?
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