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Thread: Broc Berge is a Hawk!!!

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    Congratulations! Looks like a great catch! I wonder how it will work out between him and Burak?

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    One down and one more BB to go.
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    This would make Burak wrestling an even better idea imo.
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    I remember last year when everyone was in panic mode about the depth of our upper weights. Since then we have added Meyer, Brooks, Burak and Berge, with a lot of people thinking that Brooks Black will be next. We might have more depth there than anywhere else. I would love to get Sorenson as well, because he is about the only in state senior that has much shot of contributing and is at a need weight, but I am certainly excited with Berge.

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    Broc is going to be really good at the the next level. He is really fundamentally sound. I am really disappointed he he chose the Hawks over the Gophers but I wish him the best of luck. Also Broc is the oldest of the 3 boys in the family...lets hope its not going to be a Hawk legacy! Brady his younger brother won state as a 7th grader.

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    I used to know some Berges from outside of the Rochester area-which is where Mantorville is-but more south and east of where Mantorville is.If he WAS from the same family, get rid of him NOW! Grade A jerks!
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    Welcome aboard Marlin and Sorenson!! If they can find a way to get Brooks Black this is a dynamit class with what Iowa had to work with. Even if they don't get Black this is already a good class IMO

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