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Thread: Dake is lucky he never has to face this guy

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    Thanks Falcon - for being cool and level headed. I agree 100% with your position that we shouldn't be dogging non-D1 wrestling - because there are some very good, and even great wrestlers at the non-D1 levels. That being said, you're also very clearly indicating that D1 wrestlers tend to crush D3 wrestlers at both the team and individual wrestling levels most all of the time. Tate vs Honeycutt is a great example.

    I've posted the same sentiment before, but you've just done it better. Some of us shouldn't be trying so hard to divide us. We all love the sport. D1 is the best of the best. We can all agree that. But, there are also some exceptions where a non-D1 wrestler deserves to be in the best of the best conversation. Emmett Wilson won the Hodge as an NAIA wrestler - so he was not only in the discussion, but he won it. Regardless of how much you like/dislike ML, he is legit enough to be considered part of the conversation. And his D3 status just isn't enough to automatically dismiss him.

    All that being said -- Back to the topic. No, I don't think Dake is 'lucky' here at all. Dake is just flat out better that ML ever was.
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    It used to be that non D-1 wrestlers (national champs?) could enter the Div 1 NCAA's. That stopped a number of years ago. I wish that they would let the natl champ of the non-Div 1 schools enter again. It would only increase the number of pigtails by around 3 per weight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joony View Post
    i saw him at the ufc card in virginia earlier this year. it was his ufc debut and he lost to a scrub via guillotine choke. i believe he fought a few weeks ago and won an unimpressive split decision against a bjj guy.

    anyone know why he left univ. of minn in his freshmen year?
    He is something like 22-6 in his MMA career and 1-1 and the UFC. So while he is not close to being world champ, he is having a decent MMA career.

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