125- Matt McDonough is an all time great. If it weren't for a nightmarish finals match-up he would be going for his fourth. There will be no letdown here -NCAA Champ

133- Tony Ramos made huge strides last year and is one of the best pound for pound wrestlers in the country. If he can keep improving his mat wrestling there is no reason he can't be an NCAA champ. He's a goer and really personifies the Iowa style. Iowa needs him to make the finals if they have any shot at a team title. -Champ-3rd

141- This is really a tough weight to call. Ballweg is a “safe” guy and in my opinion a top 10-15 type wrestler, but unlike fellow Iowa fans I don't really expect him to AA. Skonieczny is a bigger Ramos and I really think he could be a mid-level AA if they are willing to burn that redshirt. I suspect they'll give Ballweg every chance to win the job and ignore the fans like me calling for skon. -Rd 12

149- Not a lot to say here. Kelly was a completely broken wrestler at the end of last year. He is never going to be an offensive dynamo and has no real identity. He doesn't consistently do anything well. He needs to be a grinder that wins close and I am not as optimistic about him as some of my hawkeyereport friends. -Qualifier 0-2

157- St. John is one of the more underrated wrestlers in the country. He was an NCAA runner-up last year, while essentially wrestling on one leg. Opposing fan bases are ready to place Alton and Green ahead of him but it aint happening folks. As much as everyone likes freshman, St John was only a sophomore last year and beat these guys with one freaking leg. He is going to have an undefeated season (assuming Dake stays at 165). -NCAA Champ

165- Mike Evans is a "what if" guy to me. He is a guy that would have been an AA last year if he wasn't cutting a shit load of weight. He is sacrificing a lot for the team but the dude is living the life better than ever and it will show. The guy has a crazy mean streak and just loves to completely break people while riding. He is the fourth most talented guy at this weight and that's where I expect him to finish. -4th-6th

174- Weak weight with a bunch of AA quality wrestlers but not a lot at the top. Grant Gambrall is working the hardest he has ever worked and completely healthy. He has a legit shot to win it. -Champ-6th

184- Sam Brooks is going to be an absolute killer in the future, but for now we'll run out an undersized Ethen Lofthouse. I think Ethen fairs well but 174 is where he should be and it is going to show. -Rd 12

197- Reports out of the room are that Burak isn't ready and could use a redshirt. That leaves the team with Tomas Lira..... Some of the fans over on hawkeyereport are a little delusional and are even talking about AA, but from what I saw last year and hear from more sensible people there is just no way. I think Burak continues to make progress and takes the spot when Lira gets smoked. -Qualifier 2-2

Heavyweight- How can you not love big Bobby? The sky is the limit for this kid and even with all of the talent at this weight a finals appearance is not out of the question. His added strength should help him finish shots and hopefully he has been working on getting out from bottom. Working out with the Danimal should help big Bob. -2nd-6th

That would leave Iowa with 6 AA and 2 Rd of 12 guys. I think we have a shot at 4 champs and 5 finalists. This team is capable of winning the team title but can't afford any let downs outside of 149 and 197. Should be fun!!