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Mangrum in the All Star match??
Posted by JHall on 9/27/2012, 8:12 am
I wonder if this is correct?? From another msg board ... Would love to see both Chamberlain and Mikey in the event.

125 Megaludis is in and MCD said no
133 Stieber and Dardanes said no
141 Maple is in and Mangrum hasnt answered yet
149 Chamberlain is in and Andrew Alton
157 Welch vs Alton
165 Dake vs Taylor
174 Blanton is in and Sheptock hasnt answered yet
184 Bosak and Ruth said no waiting on Steinhaus and Hamlin to answer
197 Q wright is in and Wilps hasnt answered yet
HWT Bradley vs McMullan

Re: Mangrum/ Maple rematch in the All Star match??
Posted by JHall on 9/29/2012, 4:52 am, in reply to "Mangrum in the All Star match??"
Stole this from another board.

Penn State's TRSO Nico Megaludis (2012 #2) has accepted.('invites are out to the next athletes')(Moore: 'McDonough declined for his own reason and for Iowa's own reasons'... 'Coach Brands understands his athletes and what their needs are', 'is focused on individual peaking....didn't feel that this event going on at the end of November was in their needs...they passed')

No commitments yet, but the invites are out. Invitees: Minnesota's Chris Dardanes. Ohio State and Logan Stiebler declined.

Oklahoma RSJR Kendrick Maple (2012 #4, as RSSO) has accepted. Next up on Invitee List: Oregon State RSSR Michael Mangrum

Boise State SR Jason Chamberlain (2011 #3 Oly RS in 2012) has accepted. He'll be coming back from University Worlds in late October and wants to jump in. Invitees: Andrew Alton is 'on the list'; is one of the names who could appear if others in front of him decline.' Jordan Oliver & all of Okie State have declined. 'We did move this back a couple of weeks, so we could kick off the college season.'

Penn State's RSSO Dylan Alton (2012 #3 as a RSFR) vs. Northwestern SR Jason Welch (2012 #4, 2011 #6).

Dake vs. Taylor

Illinois RSJR Jordan Blanton (2012 #4, 2011 #5) has accepted. Invitees: Jimmy Sheptock 'on the list'. 'Hes from PA and wrestles for Maryland"

Waiting on Robert Hamlin and Kevin Steinhaus. Bosak & Ruth both declined. Teague: 'I think it's one of those situations that it's got to be the right timing, not sure why he passed.'

197 Some day we'll see Meeks here !!!
Quentin Wright (2012 #2 at 184, 2011 #1 at 184, 2009 #6 at 174) has accepted. Next up on Invitation List is Matt Wilps (2012 #4) of Pitt.

NW RSSO Mike McMullan (2012 #3) vs. Missouri RSSR Dom Bradley (2011 #3)

TR Foley & Mike Reardon debriefing:

Reardon bummed to hear that 'with the smoke clearing' that Jordan Oliver is not gonna wrestle 149', thinks that would be better for his long-term career, but I guess has heard he's now going 141.'