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Thread: Marsteller injured - long term impact?

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    Default Marsteller injured - long term impact?

    I realize this might be a better fit for either the HS or the FS baord, but my interest in Chance is mostly his college future - so here goes:

    Does anyone have info on what his injury was, and how long he might be out? It looked like a dislocated elbow - which hurts like hell, but I think long term return should be good I don't know how long until he is wrestling full speed, my guess is he is back well in time to blast through States. There would be some strange irony that he might lose significant time in his HS season due to an injury that occurred in a tournament won (in a different weight) by a HS kid who had to sit out his entire junior year.

    I think both guys are so firmly known that the time away (if any significant for Chance) will not have much impact on their recruiting/college opportunities. I think Retherford recently committed to Penn State, and I bet Marsteller will still have the chance to go to a pretty good DI school (probably for free) if he wants to.

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    Default Re: Marsteller injured - long term impact?

    Grossest thing i ever saw was my 103 lbers dislocated elbow ( and i've seen some gross shot ) Yet he popped it back in and won his match ! If Chance was seriously injured we'd have heard a ton about it .
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    Default Re: Marsteller injured - long term impact?

    A very reliable central PA source tells me that Marsteller is in PT right now and is eyeing a December/January return if there are no setbacks. A really nasty looking injury but as everyone knows no one will work harder to get back to 100% than Chance. A full recovery is expected.

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    Default Re: Marsteller injured - long term impact?

    Heres to a speedy recovery.
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