Three former ASU wrestlers and one current wrestler were arrested and charged with aggravated assault during the Sept. 1 ASU football game against San Jose State, ASU Police spokesman Jim Hardina said Thursday.

"The victims were ASU students, the subjects were wrestlers," ASU spokeswoman Leah Hardesty said.

Hardina said the incident was unrelated to two other aggravated assaults involving the Sigma Nu fraternity and ASU lacrosse players.

"There was a verbal altercation at a tailgate involving two ASU students," Hardina said. "They were beat up by three ASU wrestlers and one former ? four total."

Two of the wrestlers, who were at the time on the ASU wrestling team, have since left the University, said Alex Ryan, spokesman for the ASU Athletic Department.

"Only one guy can still potentially be with the team; the other guys have nothing to do with the University," Ryan said. "We wish them the best of luck with whatever their future endeavors are."

Ryan said he would not comment on what the consequences of the aggravated assault charges would mean for the ASU wrestling team.