Oklahoma Sooners Head Coach: Mark Cody
Assistant Coach: Jared Frayer
Assistant Coach: Michael Lightner
Volunteer Assistant: Tyrone Lewis

Current Lineup:
125-Jarrod Patterson (Sr) 2012 NCAA Qualifier--Round of 12, 2011 NCAA 7th Place, 2010 NCAA Qualifier
133-Cody Brewer (Fr)
141-Kendric Maple (Jr) 2012 NCAA 4th Place, 2010 NCAA Qualifier
149-Nick Lester (Jr) 2012 NCAA 8th Place
157-Matt Lester (Jr) 2012 NCAA Qualifier, 2011 NCAA Qualifier
165-Bubby Graham (Sr) 2012 NCAA Qualifier, 2011 NCAA Qualifier
174-Andrew Howe (Sr) 2011 NCAA Runner-Up, 2010 NCAA Champ, 2009 NCAA Runner-Up
184-Travis Rutt (Sr) 2012 NCAA 7th Place
197-Brad Johnson (Fr)
Ross Larson (Fr)
285-Keldrick Hall (Sr) 2012 NCAA Qualifier

the Lester brothers and Graham must over acheive if Ok. is going to be in the title hunt .