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    My guess would be Kyle Dooley.

    He's filled in there for them over the course of the last several years if they weren't using Morse.
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    Illinois new line up.

    125-Jesse Delgado (So) 2012 NCAA 7th Place
    133-Steven Rodrigues (Fr)
    Daryl Thomas (Sr)
    141-BJ Futrell (Sr) 2012 NCAA 6th Place, 2011 NCAA 8th Place, 2009 NCAA Qualifier
    149-Caleb Ervin (Fr)
    157-Kyle Dooley (Sr)
    165-Conrad Polz (Sr) 2012 NCAA 8th Place
    174-Jordan Blanton (Sr) 2012 NCAA 4th Place, 2010 NCAA 5th Place, 2009 NCAA Qualifier
    184-Tony Dallago (Jr) 2012 NCAA Qualifier, 2011 NCAA Qualifier
    197-Mario Gonzalez (Jr) 2012 NCAA Qualifier
    285-Pat Walker (Jr)

    PS-I hope Caleb wins the b!g just for Falcon
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    Didn't know Dooley had eligibility left, he and Morse are pretty close

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    Fun fact when looking at the Illinois roster - they have twin brothers on their squad, Christopher and Brandon Lopez. Despite being (I assume fraternal) twins, one wrestles at 165 and one at HWT.

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