Soon we will get the rankings of #1-10 pre-season. We pretty much know who they will be. But, in what order? They all have at least 1 NCAA title already. (The only guy with an NCAA title not in the Top 10 is Quentin Wright). Here are my picks. What are yours?

#10 Bosak--Bosak makes top 10 because of his finals win last year over Wright, but as a career so far, Wright has done better overall. But, Bosak is from my hometown, so gotta root for him too!
#9 Kilgore--An interesting question is how much (if any) do you factor in a RS year. Kilgore and Howe are the only 2 in top 10 to have RS'ed last year. Are their previous season results considered the same as 2012 season results? Do you think that: 1) they should be even stronger being 2 years away from their previous results? 2) being further back, are they considered a little less significant? 3) they're considered equal to 2012 performances?
#8 Nelson--I've already argued this, but I see Z as deserving (ability-wise) to be higher than Nelson. But an NCAA title is an NCAA title and Nelson deserved his.
#7 Oliver--I think Oliver deserves to be higher, but with Stieber's win in finals, you've got to put him ahead of Oliver.
#6 L Stieber--Based on beating (well. . .it was controversial!) Oliver who otherwise would have been a higher pick.
#5 Howe--He may deserve to be higher but his injury his last season and then RS year make him harder to place.
#4 McD--With 2 titles and 3 finals you could make a case for #2. But he has not been as overwhelmingly dominating against top competition as Taylor & Ruth.
#3 Ruth
#2 Taylor--Hard to choose between Taylor & Ruth, but since Taylor got the OW., got to go with him.
#1 Dake--He may not score as lopsided a victories over top guys as Taylor and Ruth, but with 3/3 NCAA titles, it's hard to go against him!