The National Championship could be a toss up next season. Penn State is obviously going to be in the running but you have Minnesota, Cornell, Ohio State, and Iowa that are going to be tough.. my prediction is this is the Top 5 order at the end of the NCAA Tournament..

1.Penn State-They've won it the past 2 years and they just keep getting stronger.
2.Ohio State-I think they only had 1 starter graduate last season. I expect alot from them.
3.Minnesota-I'm pretty sure they were relatively young last year and finished runners-up
4.Cornell-They will def have at least 2 champs and at least 3 other all-americans to back them up.
5.Iowa-I dont really know a whole lot about them as far as the 2012-2013 starters go but i dont think they really lost anyone. they will most likely be in the top 5 next year.