I'm sure that some are going to jump in with that title and note that we had 2 golds this year. But, that was the first time the US has had more than 1 gold since 1996. I know in 1972 we had 3 golds and it's happened other times as well. The US isn't faring as well in olympic wrestling as we used to why? I will suggest a couple of possible reasons and see what others of you think:

1. The collapse of the Soviet Union--instead of just one entry from the combined Soviet Union, now you have multiple entries from many different republics.

2. We all know that our folkstyle isn't the greatest preparation for freestyle wrestling in light of the significant differences. Question: Has this difference gotten larger over the past 30 years?

3. Could MMA be tapping guys that might have continued their wrestling careers in freestyle but decided to make more money in MMA? Bubba Jenkins showed some freestyle promise early, but made the quick jump to MMA.