The best weight class ever is a topic that gets thrown around a few times a year, and I think the general consensus is that 149 in 2008 blows everything else out of the water, with 9 separate wrestlers in that weight class competing for national titles at one point or another.

So I'd like to take a different tack on the best weightclass ever; which American folkstyle weightclass has lead to the most international success? Out of 2008 so far Burroughs has a world and Olympic Gold, Metcalf and Schlatter have made world teams and failed to place, and Jenkins won a Jr. freestyle medal. Other than Burroughs and the outside possibility of Metcalf it doesn't seem like any of the the other wrestlers are going to be making any waves on the international scene. I'm sure we've had folkstyle weights with a deeper crop of international talent, so what are they?