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Thread: Will Robles be an NCAA champ?

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    I really think if he gets a lead early and turns a guy 2-3 times he can fend off any offense -he doesn't really need to improve that much technique wise when he is 50% stronger than his opponent . He gets a TD and a tilt in the first and it is over -no one is going to throw him and no one can go upstairs with him . Sanders is a hell of a wrestler and he was counting lights for the whole first period .

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    Quote Originally Posted by TLV View Post
    I think that he has a hard time beating a quality guy the second time. Precin is an example
    Well...if he's going to be an ncaa champ, he would only wrestle anybody one time. It's not like anyone would get two cracks at him on the way to the finals. Wrestling in the pac 10 has to be an advantage in this regard.

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