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    Question about Logan Storley's wrestling gear during B1G's and NCAA's...

    The "leggings", or whatever they're called, that he wore does not conform to the Uniform and Equipment rules, at least what I could find. I have nothing at all against them, just curious if anyone can come up with a rules variation that applies. Here's what's written in the rulebook...
    Singlet. A singlet covering the upper torso shall not be cut away in excess of the uniform pictured in Illustration Nos. 1, 2 and 3. Specifically, the front and back of the singlet shall not be cut lower than the armpit. Under the arms, the singlet shall not be cut lower than half the distance between the armpit and the belt-line. The outermost garment shall have a minimum inseam length of 4 inches and shall not extend beyond the topof the knees.and

    Spandex/lycra. The shirt shall be a T-shirt style form-fitted, sleeveless or short-sleeved and shall not cover or extend beyond the elbow. In addition, the length of the shirt must be longer than the torso to
    prevent the shirt from becoming untucked. The shirt shall remain tucked into the shorts at all times during competition. The shorts shall be formfitting with a minimum 4-inch inseam and shall not extend beyond the top of the knees.

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