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Thread: 2013 Southern Scuffle line up

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    Default 2013 Southern Scuffle line up

    2013 Scuffle press release

    January 1st & 2nd in Chattanooga TN;

    2013 Southern Scuffle Participants
    (by finish at the 2012 NCAA Championships) (RED = NEW Teams)

    1 - Penn State
    2 - Minnesota
    4 - Cornell
    5 - Oklahoma State
    11 - Virginia Tech
    19 - American
    21 - Appalachian State
    26 - Missouri
    28 - Virginia
    33 - Ohio
    41 - Army
    44 - NC State
    48 - Navy
    51 - UTC
    54 - North Carolina
    55 - Old Dominion
    56 - Arizona State
    59 - Campbell
    64 - Duke
    South Dakota State
    Cleveland State

    2012 teams not participating

    Oregon State
    The Citadel

    Key wrestlers
    Remember at the SS teams are allowed to enter 15 wrestlers

    125 - Nico Megaludis (PSU), Alan Waters (MIZZ),
    Steve Bonnano (HOF), Matt Snyder (UVA), Jarrod Garnett (VT), David Thorn (MN), Jon Morrison (OSU), Ladd Rupp (OSU-2), Gabe Ramos (Ohio), Coltin Fought (NC St)

    133 - Chris Dardanes (MN), Nick Soto (UTC), Nick Arujau (COR), Joe Spisak (UVA), Jordan Thome (Army)

    141 - Jordan Oliver (OSU), Devin Carter (VT),
    Nick Dardanes (MN), Mike Nevinger (COR), Evan Henderson (UNC)

    149 - Dylan Ness (MN), Andrew Alton (PSU), Justin Accordino (HOF), Chris Villalonga (COR), Josh Kindig (OSU), Kyle Bradley (MIZZ)

    157 - Kyle Dake (COR), Dylan Alton (PSU), Corey Mock (UNC), Drake Houdashelt (MIZZ), John Nicholson (ODU)

    165 - David Taylor (PSU), Tyler Caldwell (OSU),
    Peter Yates (VT), PJ Gillespie (HOF), Cody Yohn (MN). Marshall Peppleman (COR), Zach Toal (MIZZ), Jake Schalles (Navy)

    174 - Chris Perry (OSU), Logan Storley (MN), Matt Brown (PSU),
    Oscar Huntley (NAVY)

    184 - Ed Ruth (PSU), Kevin Steinhaus (MN), Steve Bosak (COR), Jon Fausey (UVA), Mike Larson (MIZZ)

    197 - Quentin Wright (PSU), Brent Haynes (MIZZ),
    Scott Schiller (MN), Jake Rosholt (OSU), Danny Mitchell (AU)

    285 - Tony Nelson (MN), Alan Gelogaev (OSU), Dom Bradley (MIZZ),
    Nick Gwiazdowski (NC St), Jeremy Johnson (Ohio), Levi Cooper (ASU), Jimmy Lawson (PSU)


    Looks like we have 7 former NCAA champs & 10 former finalists & at least 20 AAs.

    I didn't actually do an an exact tally on those numbers just memory so excuse if I got any wrong.

    So this year will the SS be a tougher tournament than CKI or Midlands?

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    Default Re: 2013 Southern Scuffle line up

    Cool to see that Oklahoma State is going to come out to one of the holiday tournaments after not doing so for so long.
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    Default Re: 2013 Southern Scuffle line up

    I wonder why Oregon State isn't going to be there? Maybe they're going to Midlands?
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    Default Re: 2013 Southern Scuffle line up

    Quote Originally Posted by Snackem View Post
    I wonder why Oregon State isn't going to be there? Maybe they're going to Midlands?
    Thatd be my guess. They already go to cklv, maybe toning down their competition a bit.
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    Default Re: 2013 Southern Scuffle line up

    this is a wonderful post and if anyone has the time to do the same for the midlands and cki that would be so very much appreciated. thanks kurt you da man hope all is well. yak

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    Default Re: 2013 Southern Scuffle line up

    Did you guys see the 285 line up? Krazee for a holiday tourney....& thanks Yak things are looking up again!

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