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Thread: Sanders v. Robles Match Video

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    Default Sanders v. Robles Match Video

    I know a lot of people had wanted to see the "other" controversial match. Here it is.

    Already said my piece about the bit at the end several times. I will say were it not for the awful stalemate call in the first period after Robles' 3rd turn then the match likely wouldn't have gotten that far anyway.

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    Default Re: Sanders v. Robles Match Video

    Sanders is a cry baby punk....

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    Default Re: Sanders v. Robles Match Video

    I had not heard anything about that until now but that was real cheap. I want to think he came back for the 2nd hand shake on his own and not because the coaches made him.

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    Default Re: Sanders v. Robles Match Video

    That stalemate call was ridiculous. Mike Allen should face disciplinary measures for that call.

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    Default Re: Sanders v. Robles Match Video

    Apart from the controversy, that was a pretty awesome match to watch. Tons of scoring, lots of excitement, and some really cool tilts in the 1st.

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    Default Re: Sanders v. Robles Match Video

    meh, out of line for sure but I think this is another case about people making too big of a deal about it.

    Robles is pretty much the definition of a style matchup, Sanders beat him pretty bad earlier in the year and almost got techfalled this time, and then once he got out from the bottom he came storming back.
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    Default Re: Sanders v. Robles Match Video

    I can't tell if Robles raised his hand before after the call. It appears before the call. May be that had something to do with it. Had to be. There's no other reason for that stalemate.
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    Default Re: Sanders v. Robles Match Video

    Observations after finally seeing the match:

    1. That stalemate call was ree-dic-ulous. Terrible, terrible call.

    2. Sanders showed a way to take advatage of Robles with the spin around deal where he racked up a few quick TD's. Good, solid strategy.

    3. The stomp is nowhere near as bad as it was made out to me, and it sounds like, once again, people were just extrapolating to what they think happened and pretending they read minds. It's impossible for me to tell if that was intentional, or if he was trying desparately to get the escape, tried to spin out and just had to put his foot down or he'd fall.

    4. Very fun match to watch.
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