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Thread: AAs & Finals

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    Yes, NJ had less qualifiers than PA, but the 35.7% coming thru to All American is pretty amazing. PA had 24.5% which is not too shabby.

    I read that MIZZO had 5 AAs. Did any school do better?

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    Delaware actually had 5 qualifiers
    Jarrod Garnett
    Ian Moser
    Chris Diaz
    Matt Cathell
    Luke Rebertus

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    Impressive that FL got 11 qualifiers. Not a traditional wrestling state and not a single NCAA team in the whole state.

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    Kentucky's first in 17 years and only the 3rd ever... and highest placer ever... congrats Kyle Ruschell!

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    Rebertus claims his home state as Maryland. Wrestled for Maryland in Fargo, since that was his state of residence. I know he went to Caravel Academy in Delaware, but private schools sometimes have kids living from out of state. St. Mark's had Donofrio living in PA, while Blair of course, is a boarding schoool

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