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Thread: 2009-03-21 NCAA Wrestling Finals

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    Post these on youtube man.

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    Thanks for the post!

    PS- dawg.. if you want them on youtube, feel free to download them from Rapidshare, split them into 10 minute individual files (each match into two parts or encode them into a smaller file type), name and describe them, and then upload them to youtube at about 1 hour per file (only about 12 hours assuming you grab lunch..) ..... the reason you haven't seen them on YT yet is because its a huge pain in the ass to follow all of the rules, and if they are posted elsewhere they are in violation of copyright law. (YT tracks ESPN vids and if they are uploaded and not immediately or quickly deleted the copyright holder has no current issue with it- elsewhere it isn't tracked.)

    If they end up on Youtube (stardust ) you should be very happy rather than posting "Post these on Youtube".. because whoever ends up doing it spent a ton of time getting them there.
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    Thats dumb who really cares about copyright laws anyways.

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    I'd imagine the companies who own the copyright, the companies who lose money as a result of breaking the copyright, and the people who have been sued for breaking the copyright would be a good start.

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