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Thread: Was Caldwell V. Metcalf Really great?

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    This has to be one of the more 'exciting' matches I have seen. Exciting more because of the circumstances than the actual match. Crowd was wild, team championship at risk, two great wrestlers, and the Metcalf mystic. Caldwell executed a perfect plan--forcing Metcalf to wrestle his match and not allowing Metcalf to ever get control. No one else has been able to force Metcalf out of his game--and no one will beat him unless they do. Next match, if there is one, goes to Metcalf.

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    I'm guessing that every wrestling fan was on their feet and yelling at some point for one reason or another during that match. It gave me a shot of adrenaline that lasted 2 hours. Now THAT is a great match. Sadly I think I heard cricket's chirping in 6 of the other 9 finals!

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    Quote Originally Posted by p-jersey View Post
    I personally think that Caldwell would beat Metcalf 6 or 7 out of ten times. I think he has the style and skillset to give Metcalf all kinds of problems. I certainly dont think it was a case of him just wrestling the match of his life. His big move ability along with his body type, athleticism, mat skills, scrambling, countering ability, and carefree style would give metcalf problems more often than not.
    I don't think Caldwell needs to wrestle the match of his life to win, either. One of the biggest differences between this match and their all-star match was that he fought for every position and every scramble this time around. If he does that next time, he will remain very tough for Metcalf to beat no matter what because he is so uniquely athletic. By "uniquely athletic," I'm talking about his overall package of strength, flexibility, and agility. His length is a biggy, too.

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    If I remember the all-star match correctly, Caldwell wasn't very smart with his wrestling. He let Mecalf contol the inside, leading to solid shots and while on the ground he kept putting himself on his own back. That and he wasn't in shape. Perhaps he didn't take the all-star match very seriously (whereas Metcalf clearly did).

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    Makes me chuckle a bit thinking of Metcalf's "that's what Gable would have done to Owings" quote after the all star match.
    I liked the match, and I liked the drubbing that Metcalf got (even though I admire the kid). I think he may have come in a bit too cocky, and paid for it. All this "undefeatabile" stuff seemed like it went to his head slightly. He has always seemed like a nice kid, but I think that Brands may have had him a bit brainwashed. Hearing the after match interview, his tone seemed a bit more human. I hope from now on he calms down with the third person references and seemingly forced aggressive stuff that (I think) he has come to be known for.

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