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Thread: 25 Best Wrestlers: 2000-2009 (Criteria Modified)

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    Default 25 Best Wrestlers: 2000-2009 (Criteria Modified)

    Edit: No one still in college will appear on this list.

    I said earlier in the year that I was going to do this after NCAA's. I'll dig up my team of the decade thread from a few months ago and update it in this thread too.

    I've put no thought whatsoever into the list but I figure I'll throw it out now to start some discussion on the issue.

    These are going to be the 25 best guys from the first decade of the 2000's as the title says. I'm going to count people who have at least two years in the time frame.

    So no one who graduated BEFORE 2001 will be on this list, and then no one who's competed for just one year (don't see how this will be a problem) will be on the list either.
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    Default Re: 25 Best Wrestlers: 2000-2009

    I'll be interested to see whether you include Metcalf on this list.

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    Default Re: 25 Best Wrestlers: 2000-2009

    It'll be hard to argue against Askren and Rosholt. There's been a lot of impressive 149 pounders throughout the entire decade starting with Esposito to Metcalf and now Caldwell (if you mention Metcalf you have to have Caldwell ahead of him since Metcalf's only 2 losses are to Caldwell). Then there's Konrad and Mocco.
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    Don't forget Cael, who graduated in '02. Herbert should be right in the mix for a top spot, too, with a 3-2-1-1 finishes in Nats, and 2-1-1-1 in Big 10s, losing only 4 matches overall, and one in his last three years (To Askren in the finals, of course.)

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    Default Re: 25 Best Wrestlers: 2000-2009

    If I had to guess, I would say we will see a lot of these names:

    Cael, Askren, Heskett, Herbert, Mocco, Rowlands, Conrad, Rosholt, Perry, Ware, Hazewinkel(?), Hendricks, Pendleton, Jaggers, Hahn, Dlagnev(?), Jones, Abas, and some others. If he includes guys that are still competing, Schlatter, Metcalf, and Pucillo, Varner, and Nickerson have to be at the top of the list.

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    Default Re: 25 Best Wrestlers: 2000-2009

    Metcalf would be ahead of Caldwell on this list. He has fewer losses and higher overall finishes at NCAA (1/2 compared to DNP/5/1)
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    Default Re: 25 Best Wrestlers: 2000-2009

    I don't know Vak, Metcalf's 1/2 does trump Caldwell's 1/5, but do you really think Metcalf is better than him? Caldwell is 2-0 against Metcalf including in the NCAA finals and a fall during the regular season. He also is clearly better right now and unless you think Metcalf was better than he is now at an earlier part of his career, it's pretty clear that Caldwell is the better wrestler. Today's Caldwell is much better than last years Caldwell. Schlatter has a better resume than Metcalf, 1,3,7 but you're at the front of the charge is saying Metcalf is better than Schlatter. One must be consistant on these things Zapp
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    Default Re: 25 Best Wrestlers: 2000-2009

    11 guys from my 25 Best in 25 Years list from last year meet the qualifications to make this list.

    Cael, Abas, Askren, Greg Jones, Rosholt, Mocco, Perry, Hendricks, Johnny Thompson, TJ Williams, and Heskett.

    Don't really see how I'll be able to keep any of them off, so the challenge will be narrowing down the final 14.

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