This was the first NCAA tournament that I have really watched. Up until this year I never really followed college wrestling, but I figured I should at least give it a shot since I'm a HS coach. I loved it. I am now officially hooked because of the finals. I thought that the best match was at 184, although after watching the semi's at 174 I was very impressed with how Luke wrestled. In the semi's he seemed to just stall his way through the match. In the finals I thought that he dominated, and was actually quite aggressive. I LOVED the 184 match, I thought that Herbert earned both the Hodge and OW trophies. He beat a returning champ and did so fairly convincingly.

I'll admit first that I do tend to cheer for the Iowa (I'm a Oregon State/Boise State fan), and that I am fan of Metcalf. That being said I was exceedingly dissapointed with the way that Caldwell won and in how Metcalf lost. Both were poor sports. You simply can't celebrate before the whistle blows. If one of my kids had done that after the state finals, having just beat a returning champ who was supposed to walk through the tournament I would have been very upset and I would expect to be docked team points. I would feel the same way if the situation had been reversed. Honestly I will probably not show that match to my team (I often show them the finals over the summer when we do our evening camps/clinics) because I don't want any of them to start thinking that this is acceptable behavior.

Caldwell did just simply out wrestle Metcalf. He looked incredible, Metcalf, well, didn't look like Metcalf. I'm not sure if it was that Caldwell was just that dominant? or if Metcalf was in his own head or a combination. Either way during those seven minutes Caldwell was clearly the better wrestler and earned the award.

My favorite story.
Anthony Robles. I know he didn't make the finals but how can this guy not inspire you? He was one of the premiere wrestlers in the nation, and he did it on only one leg. I'd love to have my team get to meet and hang out with this guy.


Boise state. Being from the Northwest (Colfax WA, just south of Spokane WA) I love to see other NW schools perform well. It's been a while since Oregon State was up there and hopefully with coach Z there we'll be back there again soon.
My least favorite story.
Henry Cejudo. He wasn't in the finals, he wasn't even in the tournament, he doesn't even wrestle for a college. He won the gold I am a huge fan of his. I love seeing young American athletes preparing for the olympics but how great would it be to see him in the NCAA's as well?


Oregon State. Having grown up less than 40 miles from the OSU campus and watching guys like Gutches It's sad to see them fall so far. Now though with Coach Z there I'm sure we'll be on the rise.

Next Year I'm going to the NCAA's!!!