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Thread: Anyone know if this is certain ?

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    Default Anyone know if this is certain ?

    Destin McCauley is now destined to be a Cyclone, not a Badger.
    One year ago, the then-top high school wrestler made a verbal commitment to enroll at the University of Wisconsin in fall 2012 after planning to spend this season at the U.S. Olympic Training Center. Now, he has made a verbal commitment to wrestle at Iowa State, according to media reports late this week.
    Wrestling writer Andy Hamilton of the Des Moines Register reported Wednesday night that McCauley had verballed to the Ames, Iowa-based school.

    In October 2010, McCauley, a five-time Minnesota high school state champ, said that Wisconsin was the most supportive of his dream of wrestling freestyle at the 2012 London Olympics. However, his plans changed when Badger assistant coaches Donny Pritzlaff and Jared Frayer left Wisconsin for University of Michigan and University of Oklahoma, respectively.

    Last fall, McCauley had considered Wisconsin, University of Iowa, and Ohio State. According to the Register article, this time, the former Apple Valley High School phenom contemplated going to University of Nebraska or following Pritzlaff to Michigan before choosing Iowa State.
    McCauley told the Register's Hamilton that Iowa State head wrestling coach Kevin Jackson was a major factor in going with the Cyclones.
    “Coach Jackson is the man,” McCauley said. “Everyone I talked to, they had nothing but good words to say about him. He’s trained some of the best wrestlers out there and made them accomplish their goals and that’s something I think he can do for me.”
    In an audio interview conducted Thursday with Scott Casber for Takedown Wrestling, McCauley said that he never enrolled nor registered at Wisconsin, nor signed a letter of intent. He also said he plans to enroll at Iowa State in fall 2012.

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    Default Re: Anyone know if this is certain ?

    While listening to the commentators at the jr nationals, they said he was going to ISU next year. I can't say it's for certain but it was said during the finals against Stieber.

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    Default Re: Anyone know if this is certain ?

    Destin McCauley will be in Ames next year wrestling at 149 for the Cyclones. He was there training with the guys the week before Last chance qualifiers at Cedar Falls. We are glad to have him.

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    Default Re: Anyone know if this is certain ?

    Davis has got to go! DC

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    Default Re: Anyone know if this is certain ?

    Based on what? 1 bad year?
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    Default Re: Anyone know if this is certain ?

    He was wearing an ISU sweat shirt after the competition this weekend. Everything I see and hear leads me to believe that he will almost certainly be a cyclone next year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vaisforlovers View Post
    Based on what? 1 bad year?
    There have been a lot of people leaving Wisconsin (both coaches, wrestlers--Howe, and recruits--at least McCauley). I've never heard it clearly said that it's because of Davis. But it makes you wonder. Maybe someone out there knows more, but for me it's just speculation. It feels like it's more than just one down year that can significantly be attributed to all their top guys RSing. Anyone able to shed more light? Personally I've always like Davis and felt like he was a very intense, loyal coach.

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    Default Re: Anyone know if this is certain ?

    Not one bad year, probably the worst year any program has ever had after finishing 4th the year before. It's not so much how they finished its what else happened and the way that it happened. Barry has obviously lost control of the team. Not only did he lose Pritzlaff, but again it's the way he lost him. It was a terrible break up and one that saw Pritzlaff lateral to a competitors school in the same conference. You don't leave your alma mater where you were a 2 time national champion to be an assistant unless there is something wrong. Not only did he lose Pritzlaff, but he lost Howe, which tells me that Howe also had bad feelings for Davis, and now McCauley is gone. Who knows if Rutt or Grapf will return as well. Davis turned the best NCAA finish the Badger's ever had into one of its worse this year. Everyone knew it would be a down year but then to have one of your best guys not finish the season and I don't believe another guy on the team other than Jordan even had a winning record. It is inexcusable to me not to have back ups that can compete. They tied a D3 school for heaven's sake! Barry has lost the team and the assistants, and now they are losing recruits. Again, this tells me that the recruits weren't coming for Barry, they were coming for other reasons that are no longer there. If I had the time I could write a thesis on this topic. Also look at the state of WI wrestling in the country. Look at the number of Div I All Americans that came from WI, look at the number of qualifiers that came from WI, its a terrible record and that record also rests on Barry's shoulders as the head coach of the only DI wrestling school in the state. Look at all the great wrestlers from WI that didn't wrestle there. I know there are all kinds of excuses why not, but I also know there are a million ways around that stuff if you can recognize the talent. Badger football, basketball, cross country, etc. seems to be doing very well on a consistent basis. Last time I checked they never went 0fer in Big 10 competition. DC

    Quote Originally Posted by vaisforlovers View Post
    Based on what? 1 bad year?

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    I don't think Wisconsin will know who will be there this Fall. Rumors about Devin Peterson mishap and what he is going to do. Rumors of Travis Rutt asking and receiving his release and currently training in Minnesota. And Howe has been anyones guess, but hear you have to sit out a year if Howe, Graff, or Rutt go to another Big 10 school (New Big 10 rule regarding transfers). So Michigan not an option for Howe.

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