My high school had a lot of problems with it. We were infamous in the state of Kentucky for having a huge brawl at one of our basketball games because one of the opposing team's (A small private school) dad had used the "N word" to describe one of our players. Behind the scenes we had a lot of fights and needless to say despite our well known atheletic talent my school was full of hooligans. Locker room stuff like what I just read is all too common at my school. A friend of mine on the wrestling team made the mistake of insulting one of the senior starters on the football team his freshman year. The senior and a couple of his friends held him down in the locker room and "cock slapped" him, which is exactly what it sounds like. Following such example the next year kids on the middle school team held down one of the whipping boy type players and proceeded to sexually assault him, I won't say what exactly happened but 2 of 3 kids involved were expelled. I was once one of those beat up kids in the locker room back when I weighed under 100 pounds and my senior year I had no tolerance for it and tried to stop it when I could. It really pains me to see stuff like that happen.