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Thread: DT Interview

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    It sounds pretty official that DT will be staying at 165. Even though he and Dake are pretty good friends since childhood, DT doesn't sound necessarily averse to their wrestling each other.

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    Like he said about Howe and Caldwell coming back, "it'd be fun". He welcomes the competition.

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    I've been saying it all along. DT fears no one. I don't think Dake, Howe or Caldwell fear anyone either. If any of them feared or tried to avoid top level competition, they wouldn't be where they are today. I hope they are all in the same weight class next season. Not only would the nationals be crazy, but one of them could only finish as high as third in the Big 10 but still be a threat for the title.

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    He and Dake evidently wrestled at Fargo, who won?
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    That is one unhappy looking little Dake.

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    If you actually click on the picture to enlarge it, Dake is standing on the 3rd place platform. I can't see who got second, but how do we know Taylor was the one to beat him?

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    I read somewhere that DT won despite Dake getting a 5-point throw at one point. (I'm not sure you can get 5 point throws in freestyle!).

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