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Thread: The Wrestlers Ambition-Who is Bubba Jenkins?

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    Default The Wrestlers Ambition-Who is Bubba Jenkins?

    If anybody is interested right now, here is a DVD magazine on some of the guys from American Top Team. It's called Fist of Fortune and has many All-Americans in it. One of the scene is called The Wrestlers Ambition- Who is Bubba Jenkins. He talks about when he started wrestling, training, and moving around.

    MMA - Fists of Fortune DVD Magazine - Issue 1 (Complete) - YouTube

    The whole DVD magazine is an 1:16 and Bubba's part starts at 35 mins. If you have some time watch the whole thing, some of the guys will like, some probably won't. Some guys in there include Colby Covington, Nathan Coy, Garrett Scott, Alexis Vila(2x World Champ for Cuba), Douglas Lima (will be fighting Ben Askren for the title in two weeks) and more.

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    If Bubba wants to be an MMA great, he is going to have to get over the fact that he upset a freshman as a grown man in his last year of eligibility.

    What becomes of him if he gets injured or loses a few straight against stiff competition? That $250 per month apartment in the projects will look wonderful after that.

    Don't mean to bag on him, but he needs to look forward not backward.

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    Bubba Jenkins probably has and will do more than you ever have or will do mirahan. Bubba has a degree from ASU and has a huge name now, he will have no trouble finding employment wether its in MMA, coaching, doing clinics and working with camps or using his degree in another field.

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