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    The Mat had an article indicating that 12 guys were given wild cards to participate in the upcoming Olympic trials April 21-22. Among them were McD, Oliver, Perrelli, L Stieber, Dake, Taylor & Q Wright.

    There has been speculation of Howe, DT and Dake all being in the same weight class next year. Don't know if that will happen. But in freestyle they'll all be at the same weight for the olympic trials Should be great to see how that plays out. Here's the link to the article. e=showarticle&ArticleID=24896#.T3EEffWePL8

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    So does this mean that since they all got wild cards, that they all will be participating? Or are they given just based on who they think deserves a shot IF THEY WANT IT? I would love to see them all give it a shot, but man how much more weight can McD cut? Also, do guys like Stieber want to continue to cut after a long season?

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    I interpret it to mean that they're invited if they want to compete. I understand that the weigh-ins are different for freestyle. I've heard that they are the night before the competition and you only weigh in once (each weight class is completed in the same day). So guys can de-hydrate/re-hydrate more than in college wrestling. Still, that has got to be a hard pull for McD.

    Also interesting that Perrelli was chosen and not Sanders. I'm guessing that Perrelli has a better freestyle record.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quinn14 View Post
    but man how much more weight can McD cut?
    You kidding me? McD is still pissed they got rid of 52 kg.
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    Wow! That dude must be one serious weight cutter. So are you thinking that he wants to cut the extra weight this soon after a grueling season? I haven't actually heard anyone say what his international goals were.

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    Freestyle is such a different animal than folkstyle. Howe beat Dake at freestyle; does that mean Howe is better than Dake at folkstyle? I think not. Still, it'll be fun to see them go at it.

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    are any of these guys wrestling this weekend for the trials qualifier? i'm assuming not. who will be participating this weekend in iowa?

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    McDonough will make a run at Olympic team | Hawk Central

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    McDonough will make a run at Olympic team
    [ 0 ] March 27, 2012 | Andy Hamilton Share Matt McDonough isn’t approaching the Olympic Trials as a trial run for 2016.

    The 21-year-old Iowa junior might be better versed in freestyle wrestling and closer to peak age during the next Olympic cycle, but he doesn’t view his first foray into competition on the U.S. Senior level as a feeling-out process for the future.

    “I very much would like to wrestle in London in 2012,” he said. “To do that, I can’t go into this with the mindset of I’m just going to feel out the waters. I have to do things the right way and that starts with the training for the next three to four weeks.”

    USA Wrestling on Monday awarded wild card entries into the Olympic Trials to McDonough and six other college standouts, including Hodge Trophy winner David Taylor of Penn State, Cornell three-time NCAA champion Kyle Dake and Ohio State freshman Logan Stieber. All four won NCAA titles on March17 in St.Louis and face a quick adjustment to freestyle nuances before the April21-22 Olympic Trials at Carver-Hawkeye Arena in Iowa City.

    “(McDonough is) probably thinking international,” Iowa coach Tom Brands said after McDonough claimed his second NCAA title with a 4-1 victory against Penn State’s Nico Megaludis in the 125-pound final. “If he’s not, he will be because we’re going to have a discussion in about 10 minutes.”

    McDonough represented the U.S. in 2010 at 132 pounds at the FILA Junior World Championships. He’ll compete next month at 121.

    “The mindset has to be the same if not greater,” McDonough said. “I’m essentially moving on to the next level of wrestling and there’s that much more to prove for myself and what I stand for, and that’s trying to be the best. This is just a situation where I have an extremely great opportunity to set myself up in the future by starting right now.”
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